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  • Is there a right time to buy a monument?
    There is no "wrong" or "right" time to look into memorials. It is simply when the time is right for you. Many people purchase memorials when a loved one has passed away. While others purchase beforehand because they want to order and design exactly what they want or reduce stress on their family.
  • Where do you get your granite?
    Our granite comes from the Texas Hill Country area such as Marble Falls and Burnet. We also source granite from Georgia, North & South Dakota and world-wide in South America, Africa and Asia.
  • What is the lifetime of a granite monument or memorial?
    Granite is an extremely durable material and withstands weather and time. Granite is the choice material for monuments because it will be around for centuries.
  • How long does it take to complete a monument or memorial?
    Industry time frames can be from weeks to months. Timing is influenced by memorial size and style, design, and availibilty and location of various granites. Weather can also influence when a monument is set.
  • How do I chose a design for my monument or memorial?
    We have several design books you can view. However, you can bring in your own custom design or we can help create one for you. Customers often bring pictures, ideas or unique items they want to include in their design.
  • Can you add a portrait to a monument?
    Yes, we can add a weatherproof ceramic photo or portrait to a monument. These are a popular and cherished addition. We can also etch or engrave photos, portraits, or other design elements.
  • How do I order a monument or memorial?
    1. We will work with you to select and design your monument or memorial. You will sign an order and make a deposit. 2. Next, you will receive a proof to review, make any changes and sign for final approval. 3. The monument or memorial then goes into production. Once complete, the monument is cleaned, inspected and scheduled for installation. 4. Once the monument has been set, we take a digital photo for our records and to send you.
  • How much does a monument or memorial cost?
    The cost of your monument or memorial will depend on several factors including granite color, polish, style, design and size. We have granite monuments to fit every budget.
  • The cemetery tells me I have to buy a monument from them, is this true?"
    It is important you know your rights as a consumer on being able to choose where you purchase a cemetery headstone as well as what is legal in terms of fees. Request a copy of the cemetery's rules and regulations before designing and ordering your headstone. For additional information and resources, visit the Funeral Consumers Alliance at
  • When and how do I pay for my monument?
    A 50% deposit is required before the monument is put into production. The remaining balance is due in installments and upon production completion and prior to the monument being installed and set. We accept cash, check or credit card.
  • How far out of town do you deliver monuments?
    We deliver all over the Central Texas area. If you have any specific questions about locations, please call our office.
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